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BETA Release

Ability Cooldowns

47 69 147

Type: /trigger StrongholdTravel set #
Replace the # with the stronghold number then press enter.
If your Alliance/Race owns the stronghold you will be teleported to it's location

#1 Nulai Stronghold 331 64 148
#2 Virn Stronghold -85 70 318
#3 Roka Stronghold 279 81 408
#4 Silu Stronghold 42 72 -152
#5 Kinla Stronghold 561 64 13
#6 Toren Stronghold 259 71 -101
#7 Jivo Stronghold 460 76 516
#8 Xan Stronghold -44 72 94

Abyssal Shards
Ancient Essence
Ancient Grain
Ancient Peppers
Ancient Stone
Ancient Sugar Cane
Ancient Wheat
Ascension Feather
Bitter Wheat
Blaze Powder
Blessed Apple
Blessed Carrot
Blessed Salmon
Blood Feather
Book Binding
Bottled Dark Fire
Brua Fruit
Chaos Shards
Corrupted Flesh
Dark Magma Cream
Dark Root
Deep River Fish
Dejua Melon
Devna Carrot
Divine Bone
Dragon's Breath
Dry Seeds
Eternal Blessed Ingot
Eternal Blessed Ingots
Eternal Blessed Stone
Gem of Power
Halu Mushroom
Infused String
Jiku Fruit
Juicy Apple
Juicy Cactus
Kelva Beans
Magma Blocks
Magma Cream
Magma Dust
Manike Fruit
Melon Seeds
Mythic Aura
Mythic Water
Obsidian Blessed Stone
Obsidian Blocks
Obsidian Vex Shards
Powered Blaze Rod
Pumpkin Seeds
Pure Coal
Pure Diamond
Pure Emerald
Pure Glass Bottle
Pure Gold
Pure Iron
Pure Mantle
Pure Obsidian
Pure Obsidian Dust
Purity Core
Purity Liquid
Seasoned Bait
Spicy Beans
Spirit Fruit
Spirit Vial
Sweet Beans
Syona Fish
Tiju Tea Leaf
Tojin Leaf
Turi Mushroom
Venil Melon
Vun Carrot
Wari Potato
Wild Energy
Wild Power
Xyra Berry
Xyra Energy
Xyra Lava
Xyra Water
Zi Mineral
Ancient Amulet #9
Ancient Book #6
Ancient Dirt #78
Ancient Stone #29
Blood Feather #64
Blood Sand #67
Bottled Dark Fire #59
Dark Magma Cream #31
Dark Xila Flakes #79
Divine Bone Powder #76
Divine Fruit Cocktail #39
Energy Book #80
Eternal Apple #16
Eternal Axe #42
Eternal Blessed Ingot #25
Eternal Blessed Stone #73
Eternal Pickaxe #41
Eternal Shovel #37
Exotic Quill #4
Flame of Abyssal Fury #36
Infused String #27
Large Bait Fishing Rod #26
Magma Covered Bait #48
Magma Dust #3
Medium Bait Fishing Rod #60
Obsidian Blessed Stone #56
Obsidian Vex Rod #47
Obsidian Vex Shard #44
Power Orb #63
Powered Blaze Rod #15
Pure Coal #1
Pure Diamond #19
Pure Diorite Ingot #54
Pure Emerald #71
Pure Glass Bottle #65
Pure Gold #65
Pure Iron #13
Pure Mantle #75
Pure Mixture #43
Pure Obsidian Dust #30
Pure Obsidian #33
Purified Ancient Mineral #20
Purity Core #58
Purity Liquid #52
Purity Mix #11
Rukil Cake #82
Seasoned Bait #53
Sila Tea #55
Small Bait Fishing Rod #32
Spicy Mango Chicken #24
Spirit Cookie #68
Sweet'N Spicy Porkchop #10
Void Bread #40
Wild Energy #22
Wild Esssence #23
Wild Power #12
Xun Stuffed Potato #77
Xyra Berry Sauce #34
Xyra Lava #2
Xyra Water #61
Ziruk Stew #70
Zuja Fish Paste #17



Terror: Stops Health Regen

Determines your Ultimate Ability

Give Hunger IV for 15 Seconds to all Enemy Players within a 10 Block Radius of you, Gain Invisibility for 10 Seconds and instantly restore 150 Spirit Health.

For 10 Seconds, when you deal damage, you give Terror effect for 2 Seconds to the victim.

Instantly Remove all Negative Effects from yourself and all Ally Mobs/Players within a 10 Block Radius and Restores 100% of your Health.

Silence all Enemy Mobs/Players for 4 Seconds within a 10 Block Radius. Silenced Mobs gain Slowness X, preventing them from moving. Silenced Players cannot use abilities from Weapons or Ultimates.

For 10 Seconds, any damage you take will immediately apply your Health Regen to you.
If you die during this abilities duration, you explode with force and inflict damage to all Enemy Mobs/Players within a 5 Block Radius of you. The Damage dealt by the explosion will be equal to your highest damage value/type equipped.

For 15 Seconds, any Enemy Projectile that reaches your location will be destroyed.
While this ability is active, for each Projectile that is destroyed, you gain 1 Wind Charge.
When this ability ends, you receive Speed IV for 10 Seconds. the duration is increased by 3 seconds for each Wind Charge you collected during the active duration.

Set Name: Fusion of Ancients

Set Name: Promise of Life

Set Name: Starlight Blessing

Set Name: Warrior's Rage

Set Name: Last Stand

Set Name: Guardian's Shield

Set Name: Inner Vitality

Set Name: Igniting Fire

Set Name: Invoking Power

Set Name: Sharpened Arms

Set Name: Mage's Wisdom

Set Name: Spirit Conversion

Set Name: Eternal Blood

Set Name: Tank's Victory

Set Name: Life Slayer

Set Name: Dark Vampiric

Set Name: Reflecting Despair

Set Name: Milok's Revival

Set Name: Herula's Revival

Set Name: Rela's Revival

Set Name: Kira's Revival

Set Name: Eternal Force

Set Name: Generated Fury

Set Name: Dark Slayer (🎴)

Set Name: Infused Alliance (🎴)

Set Name: Merge of Vitality

Set Name: Shielding Xiluj

Set Name: Piercing Light

Set Name: Striking Blade

Set Name: Spirit Defense
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Winner: Eric The Reaper
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