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**Update/Patch Notes**

*SERVER* / Jan 24, 2017
****Update/Patch Notes****
Release Date: 2/1/2017 @ 10:00 AM Central


* Player Titles *
Adds the ability for each player to select 1 Title from all Titles Available
*Titles give Advantages for game play depending on the Title Chosen*

* Player Classes *
Adds the ability for each player to select 1 Class from all Classes Available
*Classes give an Ability depending on the Class Chosen*

* Official Crafting *
Adds new Craftable Items to the Official Crafting in the OS* Section of Site
- Ability Stone
- Dragon's Breath
- Elytra
- Blessed Enchantment Table
- 1st Age Enchantment Table
- 1st Age Bookcase
- Andesite Anvil
- Diorite Anvil

* Loot Chest *
Adds New Items to the Legendary and Rare Tier Loot

* Skills *
Adds the Cooking Skill to the World.
*See Skill Info*


* Skills *
Removal of the Invading/Defending Skills

* KillStreaks *
Removes KillStreak Rewards/Tracking
Removes Bounties

* Player Stats *
Adds Tracking of Ability Stone Amount for each Player
Adds Tracking of Titles/Classes for each Player
Adds Tracking of Active Effects for each Player

* Guilds *
Removed the Shadow Wolves Guild

* Territory *
Territory 1.0 is Over and Preparation for Territory 2.0 has Begun

*More Update Information May/May Not be added*


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