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*SERVER* / Apr 08, 2017

Hello Heroes of the Endless Dimensia!

Our World is about to go through a big change in our Guild and Dungeon Mechanics.

Because of this change, the Dungeon Skill will be removed from our Server/World.

This does not mean we are removing the Dungeons, but rather we are removing the ability to Level up a Skill Based on the Dungeon Completion.
This removal of the Dungeon Skill is going to allow us to create an Amazing Loot Reward System with a New and Improved Full Multi-Room Dungeon!

This is going to bring a New Age to our Dungeon Concept as players will eventually have Different Dungeons to pick from!

The Guilds will Also go through a big change as our Guild Raids Progress and become more popular, such as Guild Levels/. Permissions, Raid Leaderboards , and MVP Buffs/Abilities!

We Look forward to providing these things to you all and Hope that you look forward to them as well!

Thank you.



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